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Cohort Alpha

A new meeting system
for Zoom.

Next‑generation Smart HDR knows a face when it sees one, and intelligently relights it to capture more natural-looking contours and skin tones. It also finesses highlight and shadow detail in the background. So every part of your photo looks amazing.

Xiaomeng Jiang

Cohort Alpha

Google calendar updates.

I am excited to share the beauty app design I've been working on, today with you. Hope you like it.

Ivy Nguyen

Cohort Alpha

A virtual live-streaming concert venue in Spotify.

A UI/Product exploration to create a safe virtual space exclusively on Spotify that serves as a platform for both artists and their communities to bond and benefit the wider world.

Kevin He

Cohort Alpha

Better scheduling in Facebook Messenger.

A scheduling feature that helps groups find the best time to meet.

Dylan Lew

Cohort Alpha